About Us

ICRI is a capacity building, research and consulting company. We focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness in national and county governments as well as development partners  through research based solution models in a range of areas. We help county governments effectively budget and prioritize projects that have both social and economic impact to the people.  We undertake  market research, feasibility studies, baseline surveys,  impact assessment studies and solution modeling,  provide Monitoring and Evaluation services in  Social, Economic, Market and Academic research. Also we assess capacity gaps both at individual and institutional level, offer training and advisory services based on the need. We have  experts in  marketing, economics, public health, business, biotechnology, health different fields of specialization with long standing track record. ICRI experts have contributed immensely to research activities in Kenya and around the East African region.

Our Mission

To conduct research and offer consultancy and advisory services to development partners, governments, businesses and communities, both locally and internationally leading to sustainable development.

Our Vision

To be the leading centre for research, innovation and  development in Africa.

Our Services